PC & Laptop Holders

Protect your computer

CPU holders lift your PC from the floor, protecting it from damage, static and dust build-up. This saves valuable desk space and extends the life of your computer.

The ergonomic design of our CPU holders allows you to access the front and rear of the PC with ease. This reduces the risk of injury and saves valuable time.

Adapt offers a selection of compact and unobtrusive CPU holders capable of holding up to 20kg, with a range of mounting and bracket options.

Key Benefits of PC & Laptop Holders

CPU holder for desktop computers

Elevator lifts your PC from the floor and protect them, reducing the risk of damage, static and dust build-up. They keep your desktop clear and hold wires in position, whether you are sitting or standing at your desk. Our CPU Holders have an ergonomic design. They offer easy access to your computer, minimising the risk of injuries and saving you time. They can be fixed underneath your work surface using your choice of mounting option.

The Elevator CPU holder holds your PC safely under your desk, using a breathable mesh sling to prevent overheating and accommodate virtually any shape and size of PC. Elevator is available with standard and telescopic tracks, enabling your PC to slide back and forth under the desk for easy access and servicing.

Thin Client Holders

The SpaceArm Thin Client Holders are an ideal option for offices where space is at a premium. They lifts the PC from the desk, freeing up valuable work surface space and helping to keep the office tidy. They are available with two mount options, the VESA Mount and the Base Mount.

Tablet Holder

Flexibility for the way you work

Touchscreens have changed the way we live and work. However, holding tablets for long periods of time can cause strain on our hands, neck and back. The Ergo-Boost Tablet Mount prevents this strain and frees up hands, for a more comfortable working posture.

This tablet holder can be used in a wide range of environments, from home office, to retail, food service and hospitality settings. It is designed to be mounted to a monitor arm, offering a flexible, ergonomic set-up that can accommodate different users.

Ergo-Boost Laptop Stand

Ergonomics for mobile working on a laptop

The Ergo-Boost Laptop Stand from Adapt offers the greatest possible flexibility, whether working from home, the office or on the move.

Eight incremental height adjustment steps allow you to achieve the optimum viewing position. When combined with a wireless keyboard and mouse, the Laptop Stand provides the ideal basis for ergonomic working almost anywhere.

Constructed with a gently rounded, lightweight, hard anodised aluminium frame, the Laptop Stand can be folded flat and slipped easily inside a handbag or briefcase.

Soft TPE pads bonded to the aluminium provide exceptional stability and grip whilst preventing scratching or damage to the laptop or work surface.

Another great feature of the Ergo-Boost Laptop Stand is that when raised, it allows air to circulate around the laptop, preventing overheating and damage.

A lightweight, transportable keyboard makes this configuration perfect for work with frequent changes of work location. The workstation can be set up and dismantled in a matter of seconds.